Membrane Switch Connections and Flexible Circuits Board

Connections for Membrane Switches and Flexible Print Circuits Boards (Polyester, Kapton®, Pen etc..) are available in Pitch 2,54 and 1,27 mm.
The contacts are available in different versions:

•Socket contact 2,54 mm. (T&B®,Tyco®,Nicomatic®,FCI®)

•Socket contact 2,54 mm. (T&B®,Tyco®,Nicomatic®,FCI®)
•Pin contact 2,54 mm. (T&B®)
•Solder pin 2,54 (T&B®,Tyc®o,Nicomatic®)
•Socket contact 1,27 mm. (Tyco®,Nicomatic®)

•FFC-Standard Wire Cable (Tyco®)



Tin- or gold-plated surfaces are available.

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